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Abeer Nehme 

Aramaic and Sufi experience


This project aims at showing the richness of our heritage and promoting dialogue among different faiths in the Middle East.


This performance is an approach to have a dialogue between these two sources of oriental mysticism and a hint to promote peace and harmony between different cultures and religions



Abeer Nehme : Vocals (Lebanon)

Imad Morcos : Qanun (Lebanon)

Zabi Vahid : Kamancheh (Iran)

Leïla Soldevila : Double Bass (France)

Arash Bhatt : Tabla and Percussion (India)

Mehdi Aminien : Ney, Setar and vocals (Iran)


Guest musician: Mohammad Zatari : Oud (Syria)

Concert Urban Mystic - Bucharest

Concert Catedrala Sfântul Iosif - Bucharest

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