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Ariana Vafadari

produit par Zamora Production






Anahita is the musical opus born of the friendship and artistic collusion and intellectuel of two franco-iranian women Ariana Vafadari that composed the music and Leili Anvar that imagined the story and wrote the texts.



A young women dreams of the time her village was still green, she wakes to see the dying trees and senses her empty belly. She has traversed deserts and lands on fire, in despair, she prays to the goddess with whom she shares the name : Anahita. 

This divinity of the waters, fertility and wisdom, is the one that  dispenses water for all rivers and streams and thus to all peoples. She is the healer and the source of wisdom. It came to pass that the cult of the feminine fell into disuse and her countenance was effaced from human memory, causing the gradual retreat of the waters from the rivers and aquifers. 

After a mystical exchange with the goddess, the young Anahita departs on a quest for the water of immortality and finds Love.

Ariana Vafadari : voice composition
Julien Carton : piano, arrangement
Driss El Maloumi : oud
Leïla Sdldevila : double bass
Textes : Leili Anvar, Avesta and Rumi​

Teaser Anahita - concert au quai Branly - invité : Fanny Ardant

Enregistrement de l'album Anahita au Studios Babel d'Armand Amar

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Clip Le Rêve d'Anahita

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