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Quieter than silence

“Quieter than Silence” has begun with a story of friendship, beyond stereotypes and political conflicts between an Iranian and a Syrian artist, in Bucharest.


Mehdi Aminian [Ney, Setar, voice - Iran] and Mohamad Zatari [Oud - Syria], discovered the compatibility of their musical instruments in improvisation, then in their own compositions.


Initial repertoire - fresh and original, with subtle rhythms from Persia and Aleppo, is a synergy between ney, setar, oud and vocal sounds is being enriched by new instruments: double bass, percussion and kamancheh.

Leila Soldevila [Double bass - France], Behnam Masoumi [percussion - Iran] and Zabih Vahid [Kamancheh - Iran] bring new emotional dimensions to the music - from joy and love to nostalgia and rebellion.

EPK Quieter than Silence

Concert Sala Radio - Bucharest

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